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About PurpleSoup

These adventures are designed to rebuild confidence, self esteem, trust and courage in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

Each year in Australia, more than 75,000 young people and their families are affected by chronic illness. While health professionals are often able to help with the medical aspects of these illnesses, they rarely touch on the psychosocial and emotional aspects of these conditions. And it is these aspects that can have a lasting impact on patients and their families, as many young people with chronic illnesses feel socially isolated, uncertain about their future and fearful of not being able to achieve their life goals.

Purple Soup was formed in 2002 to help address these – and many other – issues associated with having a chronic illness. In the past 14 years we have created thousands of moments in which young people and their families have had the opportunity to reap the emotional and psychosocial rewards gained by stepping outside their comfort zone and challenging themselves – within a safe, fun environment.

Purple Soup’s adventure therapy clients include organisations such as ozED,  Epilepsy Action Australia, Cystic Fibrosis Victoria, Haemophilia Foundation Australia and Crohn’s and Colitis Australia. We design and deliver a variety of exciting day programs as well as overnight and weekend camps right across Australia and worldwide. We are always seeking new organisations that will enable us to support many more young people and their families in the future.

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