Bogan bingo

Oi! Purple Soup Team Building’s Bogan Bingo is designed to encourage team members to get in touch with their inner bogan and challenge their colleagues to be the first to cry ‘Bingo!’

Getting your numbers in a row is just the beginning. Part comedy routine, part trivia night, part fancy dress, part karaoke competition, this event will have your team showing off skills they didn’t even know they possessed!

Bogan Bingo takes team members out of their workplace environment and encourages them to get to know their colleagues in a new light. Collaboration and personal interaction abound – not to mention learning plenty of Bingo Lingo!

Purple Soup Team Building can customise this event to suit your team’s requirements including high quality medallions for first, second and third place teams that can incorporate your logo. This event can be as clean cut or as politically incorrect as you can handle. Either way, it’s a fun-filled event where everyone comes up a winner.

This event is suitable for:

  • Participants: minimum 4, maximum 200
  • Time: 1.5  to 4 hours, after lunch or dinner
  • Location: Indoor
  • Team it with: Purple Soup Team Building’s ‘Tequila Tasting‘ or ‘Whisky Tasting

Why choose Purple Soup’s Bogan Bingo event?

  • Improves team relationships
  • Boosts staff morale and encourages collaboration
  • Provides a fun-filled environment that allows employees to see a different side to their colleagues
  • Rewards staff for achievement and effort
  • Suits all ages and all abilities
  • Makes a great event to incorporate into an offsite or conference
  • Profits from all team building programs help support Purple Soup’s Adventure Therapy Programs for chronically ill children and their families.