Incredible race

Experience an Incredible Race that will have your team out and about energised, working together and facing a time and scoring system to challenge all involved. This is a day that will encourage communication, team work and can finish with a relaxing BBQ. A team-building event guaranteed to inject fun and team spirit into your workplace.

Work hard, smart and with your team and you will succeed at any race! Combine logistics with team knowledge and you will have the ingredients to an Incredible Race; a day to be experienced by all and remembered for years to come.

Purple Soup Team Building can customise this event to suit your team’s requirements including high quality medallions for first, second and third place teams that can incorporate your logo.

This event is suitable for:

  • Participants: minimum 4, maximum 200
  • Time: 1.5  to 3 hours, Daytime event
  • Location: Outdoor
  • Team it with: Purple Soup Team Building’s ‘Good Drop Wine Tour or Great Aussie BBQ

Why choose Purple Soup’s Incredible Race?

  • Improves team relationships and communication
  • Promotes leadership
  • Builds confidence
  • Fosters team member friendship
  • Boosts team member morale and encourages collaboration
  • Fun-filled environment allows team members to see a different side to their colleagues
  • Suits all ages and all abilities
  • Promotes fit and healthy lifestyles
  • Profits from all team building programs help support Purple Soup’s Adventure Therapy Programs for chronically ill children and their families