Whisky Tasting Workshop

A team building event to reward your team and expand their whisky knowledge while learning the basics of whisky tasting and appreciation.

Covering topics such as how to best appraise whisky, understanding the flavour wheel and identifying the characteristics of whisky varieties from around the world, Purple Soup Team Building’s Whisky Tasting Workshop will allow your team members to sniff, swirl and slurp their way through a personalised experience that is suitable for novices and connoisseurs alike. Throughout the session, your team members will also be given a greater understanding of the process of whisky production and a clearer idea of the nuances of style and quality.

Purple Soup Team Building can also arrange dinner for your team, as well as transportation to and from your workplace. Purple Soup Team Building can customise this event to suit your team’s requirements.

This event is suitable for:

  • Participants: minimum 4, maximum 60
  • Time: 30 minutes  to 1.5 hours, prior to lunch or dinner
  • Location: Indoor or outdoor
  • Team it with: Purple Soup Team Building’s ‘Supreme ChefGreat Aussie BBQ and the Great Bake Off

Why choose Purple Soup’s Whisky Tasting?

  • Improves team relationships
  • Boosts team member morale
  • Provides a fun-filled environment that allows team members to see a different side to their colleagues
  • Rewards your team for achievement and effort
  • Makes a great event to incorporate into an offsite or conference
  • Suits ages 18+ and all abilities
  • Profits from all team building programs help support Purple Soup’s Adventure Therapy Programs for chronically ill children and their families